Rules & Regulations

In-game settings (For entire tournament)

Display Player Rating : On

Players Skills Settings:

Batting Skills : 10

Bowling Skills : 10

Fielding Skills : 10

Match Time Slots : 3 PM - 10 PM (every day)

Please Note: Players are required to download the latest version of the game and complete all the necessary updates from the Playstore.

Player Eligibility

  1. Participants must be registered in with all the necessary details i.e. email, mobile no., full name, mobile number, in-game name.
  2. Participants must join our discord channel which is mentioned in the event page.
  3. Registered participants must keep checking emails, discord channels, and updates on this website to see new updates on the tournament.
  4. Registered participants must make sure to show up on the game day as per the schedule and play the game.
  5. Registering in this tournament is the undeniable confirmation that you have accepted all the rules which are mentioned in the rulebook.
  6. Registered participants are not allowed to change their WCC Rivals In-Game Name during the course of the tournament.

Please go through this rulebook carefully to understand the rules and regulations for this tournament.