How to register

  1. Open https://play.cricketnews.com/ website.
  2. Click on the Sign-Up button.
  3. Fill the form with accurate details.
  4. Click on Sign Up.
  5. You will be redirected to the Email Verification Page, Check your Email for the verification code.
  6. Enter the verification code which you received in your above mentioned email and copy the code and Enter in the Code box.
  7. Click on the activate button to complete creating your account.
  8. Once you have successfully created your account, please complete the registration fee payment to successfully enroll in the tournament.

How to contact admins

You can contact us via social media using methods which is mentioned in Contact Us

How to receive the prize money

  1. The winning participant will receive an email form to fill after the conclusion of the tournament.
  2. Participants are expected to fill the form and reply back with appropriate details.
  3. Once the details are received, the payments will be sent for processing to the finance team and the Prize money will be paid within 60 working days from the day of receiving the details.

Where can I find the tournament schedule

You can find your tournament schedule online at Schedule

General FAQ

1. Will the tournament have any offline/lan events?

No, the entire tournament will be hosted online. There will be no offline matches/events.

2. Will I be provided with accounts to play in the tournament?

No, you will have to create/use your own wcc game account to play in the tournament.

3. What timezone will my matches be played in?

All the timings mentioned in the schedules will be in GMT +5:30, IST.

4. What will happen if I am late to my game?

You have a maximum of 5 mins grace period to show up from the match start time, if you do not show up in the said time, your that match will be counted as a loss.

5. Do I need to do anything after completing the match?

It is compulsory to take a screenshot of the end match results including the scoreboard of the match, and submit it as a proof to officials.

6. What is WCC Rivals In-Game Name and where can I find it?

WCC Rivals In-Game Name is the in-game name you set in the WCC Rivals game, you can find it in the right side top part of the game main menu.

7. How will I know my match date and time?

Once the registration is completed the bracket and schedule will be updated in the Schedule page.

8. How can I play my match?

Players are expected to report to their respective lobbies at least 10 min before their respective match time.

8. How to join the website lobby?

a. Login to http://pathoclass.com/login

b. Go to to http://pathoclass.com/lobbies

c. Click on current matches to see your upcoming match lobbies.

d. Click on your match lobby.

e. Inside the lobby click on “join match” button to confirm your participation.

f. The roomId and join link will be updated in the same lobby page, once both the players join the lobby.

g. Once the game is over, please take a screenshot of the end game result and keep it with you and submit it when the admin asks you to.